“Ifreecans Collective” Open The Gate

Photos by Ambra Vernuccio –  for more images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ambravernuccio/sets/72157624344890423/

“Hut Pot & Gourd” Private View and Live Art Event


* 8th JULY – 22nd AUGUST 2010

This new exhibition at Open The Gate showcases a brand new selection of collaborating works of the Ifreecans Collective, a creative medley based in London, UK.

Hut Pot & Gourd are the symbols used in the Ifreecans Collective logo and they each hold a symbolic meaning. Traditionally the hut is the home, the pot holds the food and water, and the gourd is used for holding carrying and drinking water,milk, and alcohol.  It is a homage to African ancestry and roots.
In modern terms, the hut is Ifreecans shop and studio where they gather and work, the pot holds their pens, markers, pencils, all their materials and the gourd holds their paints and inks.
The title of the exhibition makes a statement about the Ifreecans Collective through the symbols used in the logo. It is an invitation to look deeper into their work, name, story and what they do as there is more to see than what is observed on the first glimpse.

OPEN THE GATE WEBSITE: http://openthegate.org.uk

Bar, Restaurant, Gallery and Nightclub dedicated to the promotion of African and Black Culture through Art, Music, Cultural and Social activities.

IFREECANS COLLECTIVE BLOG: http://ifreecanscollective.wordpress.com/

Rather than being an exclusive collective, the Ifreecans have evolved into a multicultural unit creating a platform to instigate collaboration between creatives of  Afrocentric origin and creatives  from other cultures. Their strength lies within the diversity of our members as well as that of individuals outside of the collective that they have thus far worked with.

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